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Views from Jim's Place
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CliffMTjpg.jpg (26711 bytes)            Atlanticjpg.jpg (14995 bytes)            RocksHousejpg.jpg (50832 bytes)
On cliff, looking E.     Looking W. to Atlantic.  Farm above Jim's.

AnnHungryjpg.jpg (29473 bytes)            AnnSitjpg.jpg (36421 bytes)            AnnTowerjpg.jpg (27049 bytes)
Up high, looking N.         A closer look.            Looking SE.       

LeaningTreejpg.jpg (61868 bytes)            RockFurzjpg.jpg (59962 bytes)            DunBegjpg.jpg (28600 bytes)
 Windy Hill, high up.       Mountainside.    Looking W. to the Atlantic

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